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The work of the Uzhgorod city public organization "Help a Friend" is directed on the following:

Remedial Activities:

  • lawmaking;
  • intensification of administrative and criminal cases concerning cruelty to animals.

Direct assistance to animals:

  • rehabilitation of animals affected by abuse;
  • promote "adoption" of animals in need.

Educational activities:

  • program for children and youth;
  • actions aimed at disseminating information about animal rights;
  • dialogue with the public through the media (television, Internet, press).

History of creation

The Uzhgorod city public organization of animal protection "Help a Friend" was founded in January 2006. During the existence of the organisation we achieved a ban for employees of Uzhgorod PPC for catching animals. And although they continue their illegal activities, daily mass killings have been stopped, and unlawful actions are under constant control of investigation and complaints are submitted to prosecutors. Unfortunately, that specific results are not clear and significant.

There are volunteer organizations in each area that feed daily and treat our "smaller friends".
Also they carry out actions to change the minds of people who see animals as something negative and evil. All activities PO "Help a Friend" are held within its own funds.

In 2006, by the decision of the session of the City Council PO "Help a Friend" was permitted to prepare materials for prior approval of land area of 0.3 hectares to accommodate a shelter for homeless animals in Uzhgorod, near Str.Uzhanskoyi signed by S.M . RATUSHNYAK on 23.10.2006, No#103.

Members of the PO ‘Help a Friend’ examined the land area given for building a shelter, and talked to the Roma population living near this area, and gave an official response about the impossibility of using this land for building shelter. Arguments for such refusal have become very aggressive attitude of Roma population to the project, and passing through the territory of high-voltage lines and proximity of future shelter to a two-story buildings.

After this response to the City Council the cooperation stopped.

Despite this, the PO "Help a Friend" made the project and the estimate for future asylum. According to the estimate the cost of the project is approximately 60 000,00 (prices of the year 2008). Today the issue remains open.

Moreover, our volunteers hold several events to attract attention to the problem of homeless animals.

Among them photographic exhibition in Uzhgorod.

Action "Children's picture".

We took part in picketing in front of the government in Kiev with animal advocates from Ukraine to solve the ill-treatment of homeless animals, participated in exhibitions of dogs where guests had an opportunity to realise goals of our organization and draw attention to homeless animals.

Currently, the PO "Help a Friend" resumed cooperation with the municipality of Uzhgorod and personally with Mr. RATUSHNYAK S.M. Problems of homeless dogs of our city were discussed at the meeting held on 27.08.2010 and found understanding of this issue. As the country has a law on protection of animals from cruelty (21.02.2006) the only way to decline the number of homeless dogs is creating refuge, with the aim, primarily, of sterilization and temporary carying of animals. Animals that do not hinder people have received treatment and vaccination, and have been returned to their previous place of residence. If it is possible, the dog from a shelter will be transferred to new owners.

Mr. Ratushnyak S.M. ordered the allocation of land for shelter.
PO "Help a Friend" hopes that the new lot will meet the necessary requirements.

What are we trying to achieve?

Seven key tasks

What are we trying to achieve? According to the Law "On protection of animals from cruelty":

  1. Strict accountability and registration of all dogs and cats owners.
  2. Municipal fee for animals.
  3. Exemption owners whose animals are sterilizated or taken from a shelter from such payment.
  4. Prohibition of illegal trade of animals.
  5. Sterilization of those animals which have guardians.
  6. Humane method of killing (off consciousness) homeless animals, which health problems are incompatible with their lives, animals that have shown aggression and are not subject to psychological adaptation.
  7. Breeding animals for commercial purposes should be regarded as any kind of business and in such a way should be appropriately licensed and taxeted.

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